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News: Blackhand is down and heroic Foundry cleared!

Highmaul 7/7 HC | 3/7 M
Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC | 0/10 M
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Welcome to Hexx!

Hexx is a small-scale Mythic raiding guild in World of Warcraft, active on the EU-Chamber of Aspects realm. Our aim is to raid at a high level and experience as much of the content as we can whilst keeping a good balance between real-life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding. Our current raid progress is outlined in our progression roadmap.

If you're interested in joining us, please make sure to read our guild ethos thoroughly to confirm that this is the guild for you before applying. Hexx will always consider exceptional applications, even if a class is in low demand.

Blackhand - Insert witty remark here

After making the necessary sacrifices to the lift god, we finally assembled before the Warlord of the Blackrock Clan with vengeance in our hearts and purple pixels in our eyes.

With reckless enthusiasm we threw ourselves at this monstrous orc again and again. Maintaining iron focus we dodged mines, fire, tanks and knives thrown with impossible force, all whilst the very floor was breaking beneath us. Once, twice, the Warlord smashed through the levels of his forge until we reached the core. Here the monster made his final stand.

As one we fought on. Pushed to our very limits, we struck him with everything we had left within us. The raging crys of our warriors could be heard over the din of battle as they were sent flying again and again by Blackhand's mighty hammer blows, but we were unrelenting in our onslaught. In the final moments, a brave few sacrificed their very lives to let others fight on, a sacrifice each and every one of us would have made, and Blackhand was slain!

The Warlord is no more, and Hexx moves on, ready for the challenges to come!

Taking the Fuel out of the Furnace

A promise made, a promise kept! After giving the Blast Furnace some respite in order to clear out the rest of Blackrock Foundry, we returned to finish what we started.

Facing off against a mountain of adds, we eventually got close enough to throw a tea towel over the Heart of the Mountain, dowsing those pesky flames once and for all.

Onward, to Blackhand!
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