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News: Hexx have started conquering Blackrock Foundry!

Highmaul 7/7 HC | 2/7 M
Blackrock Foundry 8/10 HC | 0/10M
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Welcome to Hexx!

Hexx is a small-scale Mythic progressive raiding guild in World of Warcraft, active on the EU-Chamber of Aspects realm. Our aim is to raid at a high level and experience as much of the content as we can whilst keeping a good balance between real-life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding. Our current raid progress is outlined in our progression roadmap.

If you're interested in joining us, please make sure to read our guild ethos thoroughly to confirm that this is the guild for you before applying. Hexx will always consider exceptional applications, even if a class is in low demand.

Bored. Let's kill 'em, now.

The Twin Ogron, Pol and Phemos, personal guards to Imperator Mar'gok are dead. They wanted to have some fun, but Hexx had the last laugh. To kill these brutes we had to avoid standing in more fire than we've ever had to avoid before.

So that's two Mythic bosses down (or is that three? they were twins) with Brackenspore next on the hit list. With Blackrock Foundry ready for release, the heroes of Hexx have a lot of new content ahead and we're ready for the fight.

And That's... One Hundred!

Kargath Bladefist was a fierce gladiator who won his freedom and the loyalty of the Shattered Hand clan in the arena. He has dogged our steps throughout our adventures in Draenor, challenging us to kill our hundred. But he reckoned without Hexx's new team of heroes, who took his head in a single evening in the Highmaul Arena to fill our quota.

With Normal and Heroic Highmaul all but defeated, our new expanded raid team have their first Mythic boss kill and are looking forward to many more in the coming weeks.

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