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News: Highmaul raiding has begun!

Highmaul 5/7 HC | 0/7 M
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Welcome to Hexx!

Hexx is a small-scale Mythic progressive raiding guild in World of Warcraft, active on the EU-Chamber of Aspects realm. Our aim is to raid at a high level and experience as much of the content as we can whilst keeping a good balance between real-life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding. Our current raid progress is outlined in our progression roadmap.

If you're interested in joining us, please make sure to read our guild ethos thoroughly to confirm that this is the guild for you before applying. Hexx will always consider exceptional applications, even if a class is in low demand.

Looking Back on Mists of Pandaria...

Another expansion comes to a close - and it's time to reflect on what has been an expansion packed with loads of fantastic achievements for the guild!

Hexx charged into Mists of Pandaria with our new recruits Rhavin, Mear and Zembra - hard to think that it was only this expansion that they joined our raid team! This roster was to become a really solid team - and throughout the entire of 2013 we didn't need to open recruitment. This was also a fantastic year because Hexx celebrated it's 5 year anniversary on May 11th 2013 - in Hexx fashion we also ran a competition to mark the occassion. It's safe to say Hexx is the most stable it has ever been.

Tier 14 and Tier 15 were very short-lived; nevertheless we managed to kill 10 Heroic bosses each tier, and climb up to server rank 4 in both tiers - not bad for a 3 days a week schedule!

Little did we know Tier 16 was to be longer than both of the other tiers put together, and with some very tough bosses indeed. Our resolve did not break, and we saw ourselves defeating Blackfuse and almost Garrosh too. Where others might of given up, the Hexx raiders kept on fighting and raiding right up until the day before 6.0. Having the motivation to keep going in Tier 16 shows just how strong of a team we are, and it's a real accomplishment!

Mists of Pandaria also introduced Challenge Modes - bringing back some difficult 5-man content again! These were fantastic fun and Hexx members teamed up together to take these on, both at the start of the expansion and again at the end with our newer members.

So, Mists of Pandaria is nearly over, and Warlords of Draenor gets ever closer... and with it, a big period of change for Hexx. Having started with the niche of being a 10man only guild in The Burning Crusade, and staying as 10man strict in Wrath of the Lich King, Hexx has always been about that small tight-knit roster. We're now rising to the challenge of Mythic raiding, and at the time of writing our raiding roster is standing at 21 raiders. Our top priority is to keep a great atmosphere with great progress too despite the increase in raid size - something we're confident we can do.

Let's take Warlords of Draenor by storm!

What's better than a bomb, huh?! I'll tell ya...

Blackfuse is finally down!! Only Garrosh to go!

An absolutely hectic and unforgiving fight where the smallest mistake from anyone means it is over, Blackfuse was a huge test of our skill and determination to succeed. Missiles... fire... magnets... mines... sawblades... shredders... belts... lasers... on repeat and many at the same time, you name it there was so much going on that had to be executed flawlessly.

Everybody worked so hard to see this boss go down and did a fantastic job keeping up the motivation to see it through - we're very proud to have Blackfuse defeated at last! Arguably the toughest boss in the 6 years of Hexx' raiding history, we've shown we can stand up to whatever is thrown our way and keep fighting!

With Warlords of Draenor on the horizon we are now building on this already great team to expand up for 20... but before it hits we have one more score to settle... Garrosh will be joining Blackfuse soon!

With a little (a lot!) of help from Timofei recording, and Kesari editing, we also have this great kill video to mark the occasion!

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