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News: HC Paragons are defeated!

Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 | 12/14 HC
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Welcome to Hexx!

Hexx is a small-scale 10-player progressive raiding guild in World of Warcraft, active on the EU-Chamber of Aspects realm. We are expanding to raid Mythic in Warlords of Draenor. Our aim is to raid at a high level and experience as much of the content as we can whilst keeping a good balance between real-life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding. Our current raid progress is outlined in our progression roadmap.

If you're interested in joining us, please make sure to read our guild ethos thoroughly to confirm that this is the guild for you before applying. Hexx will always consider exceptional applications, even if a class is in low demand.

The Paragons Bite The Dust

The Klaxxi Paragons have thrown their lot in with Garrosh. Apparently all of our sacrifices in The Dread Wastes and saving them from certain death by beating their Sha infested Empress into the ground means nothing to them compared to the dark calling of their former master, Y'Shaaj's still beating heart.

The battle was inevitable and the dust has now settled, their arrogance was their undoing, not utilizing their numbers and attacking all at once gave us the upper hand.

Thank Thok for that!

Thok the Bloodthirsty has been defeated! Everyone did a great job working on this encounter, and it felt like the kill was pretty solid. To top it off bringing Thok down moved us up a few realm ranks and back into the top 5!

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